This is just a post noting that I have undone the revisons on one CaptainJ and why have done so.

This user significantly edited the main body of the article, and replaced much of the tactical section with his own personal esitmation of the worth of the weapon, corrupting the objective and encyclopedic nature of the article.. I would like to try and remind everyone to be as objective as possible when editing the information in this wiki, and that you must leave out emotional statements such as a weapons "suckage or "awesomeness" at the door when you edit the article and try to post the information for tactical analysis as objectively as possible.

This articles' purpose is to provide the facts about the weapons and general objective tactical information, and not your opinon on its effectiveness. I have undone the biased revisions and reverted the article to a more objective previous update.

Fishcatch22 (talk) 05:57, February 19, 2014 (UTC)

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