Doom (2016) maps

The Necropolis is the eleventh level of Doom (2016) and features in the mission The Crucible.

Having passed through the Titan's Realm, your mission is to find and reclaim The Crucible from the forces of Hell. During this mission, you will acquire your final Argent Cell and encounter your final Field Drone.

There are three secrets, two Elite Guards, one Field Drone, and one Argent Cell located in this level. Three Hell Guards are encountered at the end of the level as boss monsters, and must be defeated to acquire The Crucible.


  • A Pin Pops a Balloon - Kill a Mancubus with the Pistol.
  • Two Mouths to Feed - Kill 2 Cacodemons with one shot.
  • Wait For It - Kill 10 demons with Explosive Barrels.


  • The area where you find the Blue Skull in this map is quite reminiscent of the classic Doom II map, Dead Simple.
  • Near the end of the map, you will encounter the remains of the Icon of Sin, the final boss of the original Doom II. Firing a rocket into the rune in its skull will give you a collectible and replay its infamous backwards message from the original game.

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