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Torr Samaho is a co-developer of the Skulltag source port and the Lead Developer of Zandronum His most notable contributions are compiling Skulltag for Ubuntu and FreeBSD, adding Heretic, Hexen, and Strife support, and fixing many of the hacks that started floating around the community after the release of Skulltag version 97c2. Torr even has contributed many things to GZDoom through Skulltag, such as more model features, HUD models, and a few other things OpenGL-related.


  • The nickname Torr Samaho is taken from a character in the Perry Rhodan series. On the Doomworld forums, Torr's seldom-used account is "Torr_Samaho" (with an underscore). The more active account "Torr Samaho" (with a space) belongs to a different person with the same taste in literature.

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