Union Aerospace Corporation website doom 3 tie-in. (Under Construction) (UAC symbol appears) (Satellite down error) (Sattelite uplink detects incoming flight and arrival of DarkStar and five on board)

Mail Delivery Failure Date: 11-13-2145 From: System Admin Failed to deliver to ''. STTP module(domain ua- host name is unknown Reporting-MTA dns; ua- Original-Recipient rtg374;<> Final-Recipient rtg374;<> Action failed Status 5.0.0 Received from [] (account chaskell HELL by (SpaceGate Pro STTP 5.2.6) with ESMTP id 8302948-033-4488291 for; Thu, 13 Nov 2145 173249-0500 Message-Id <> X-Sender X-Mailer MARSMAILER Xenerix Vartoxi Version 9.3 Date Thu, 13 Nov 2145 173249 -0500 To From Charlie Haskell <> Subject MFC Failsafe failure Mite-Version 3.6 Content-Type text/plain; charset="us-ascii16"; format=flowed

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