The coordinates and dimensions of objects in Doom levels are generally described by integer values between -32768 and +32767. The unit length is often called a map unit (or simply, unit). Each unit is proportional to 1 pixel of a texture or sprite.

It is difficult to translate the size of a Doom map unit into a real-world unit, since the dimensions of various objects in the game are inconsistent. Very roughly, one could attempt to translate 32 map units as 1 meter (3.28 feet) based on the height of the Doom guy. Due to aspect ratio correction, the width of objects would be 0.75 m (2.4 ft) each 32 units. With this interpretation, the Doom guy would be 1.75 m (5.7 ft) tall and the smaller doors 2.25 m (7.3 ft) tall.

Some example dimensions in terms of Doom's map units are:

Structure Map unit Real Life Unit
small map details such as support beams and wall lamps 16 units 37 cm 1.2 ft
smallest gap the player can pass through 32 units 75 cm 2.4 ft
regular crate
small teleporter gate
64 units 1.5 m 4.9 ft
big door
width of regular corridor such as the main hallway in MAP01: Entryway (Doom II)
128 units 3 × 4 m 9.8 × 13.1 ft
small room 200 units - 400 units 4.6 - 9.3 m 15.3 - 30.7 ft
medium-size room
start room of E1M1: Hangar (Doom)
500 units - 800 units 11.7 - 18.7 m 38.4 - 61.5 ft
Final boss 768 units × 384 units 18 × 12 m 59 × 39.3 ft
large room such as the Spider Mastermind room in MAP06: The Crusher (Doom II) 800 units - 1500 units 18.7 - 35.1 m 61.5 - 115.3 ft
typical Doom level (Knee-Deep in the Dead) 4000 units 93.7 m 307.5 ft

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