The Unwilling are a type of Possessed that are found in most parts of Hell. They first appear in Kadingir Sanctum, aside from being spawned by Summoners.

In-Game Description


The Unwilling are fully transformed Possessed that have been transported to Hell to serve as shrine worshippers, slave labor for higher level demons, or cannon fodder for battle within hell.


The Unwilling do not possess skin unlike The Possessed. Instead, they have a deep red tissue for skin and a bone-like armor. The only thing left of their faces are the two sockets where their eyes were, nostrils, and their mouth filled with unclean teeth.

Combat Characteristics

The Unwilling will attack just like The Possessed by using their claws and teeth when coming close enough to the player.

Tactical Analysis

  • Seen as cannon fodder, they can be killed quickly with one shotgun blast or a few punches. This, combined with their slowness makes them the least dangerous enemy in Hell.