• 104-epsilon

    People stop vandalizing the youtube poop doom page with information that is not real.

    The only people that are allowed to edit information about youtube poop doom is Theqmayn,104-epsilon and cacodemontube.

    If you want to edit this page then the following things are the only things that are allowed

    +You can insert an image if you got an version (This image MUST be from ytp doom)

    +You can check for grammar mistakes.


    -Putting fake information like "Dr.rabbit as an enemy" THATS NOT TRUE!!!! or like "Sonic has 100% health" NO HE HAS 80% HEALTH!

    You need to follow these rules for the page or else we will say this to the administrator of this wiki and you will be blocked. SO NO VANDALIZING!!!!.

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  • 104-epsilon

    Hello 104-epsilon speaking here i was about to create my first custom made doom actor very single thing was seem to be right until this error appeard (see picture below) Plz help me and only delete this blog post when its completed

    i tryd to search tutorails on youtube but i cannot find anything but spanish tutorails and i dont even speak spanish anyway my actor's sprite looked like this (see picture in the middle)

    and this is how my decorate looked like (see picture above).

    and don't recommend me to see zdoom wiki becuase i don't understand any thing they are saying there.

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