aka Ethan REDACTED

  • I live in the woods
  • I was born on March 2
  • My occupation is gnome hunter
  • I am male
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    In Defense of Doom 3

    January 9, 2017 by EtherBot

    A lot of people might scoff at the idea of making a Doom 3 defense. It's not like it was critically panned or suffering from DOOM 64-itus where it was massively overlooked (but maybe Brutal Doom 64 will help pull it into the limelight). It's not like it was apperently disliked by critics or by the general populous, and if you played it and liked it you can sort of tell that the design isn't atrocious or anything "avant-garde" that needs a second look. But it seems pretty commonly dismissed to me, people talking about Doom 3 seem to either brush it off as "that Doom game" or place it under the other Doom games in their rankings.

    And I guess it's hard for me to put it above Doom but it's also a kind of unfair comparrison because their both kin…

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    Obligatory Introduction Post

    December 30, 2016 by EtherBot

    If you were expecting me to just say "Hey hello it's me, I am also doom fan yes" than be prepared to get kinda bored by text rambling really fast. This is a post about all my thoughts on everything ever. Doom related of course.

    My name is Ethan B. [REDACTED] and I am basically just objectively the worst person ever.

    I like to draw, make short video games, write short horror stories over at the Creepypasta Wiki, read horror or adventure stories, play horror, adventure or action video games, watch horror, adventure, action and comedy movies and etc also. Etc is my personal favorite hobby now that I think about it. 

    I personally didn't play DOOM when it came out because I personally wasn't even a lone twinkle in my mothers eye then, I was born in…

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