• Jykale

    Theory: Zeniverse timeline

    November 2, 2016 by Jykale

    For those unaware, the "Zeniverse" is a hypothetical shared universe that contains the various series owned by ZeniMax Media and the companies they control/contract. This includes Rage, Doom, Wolfenstein, Fallout, and The Elder Scrolls (among others). Since for a number of reasons, there's no way that all these series can possibly follow a linear timeline, I'm taking a page out of Nintendo's book by proposing that alternate timelines are involved.

    Timeline one: Classic Era (BJ kills Hitler)

    Spear of Destiny-->Nocturnal Missions-->Wolfenstein 3D-->Commander Keen-->Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel-->Fallout Tactics-->Doom (1993)-->Doom II: Hell on Earth-->Final Doom-->Doom 64-->Quake

    Timeline two: The New Order Era (Nazis win WWII)

    Spear of Destiny--…

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  • Jykale

    I take it that everyone's aware of the Skyrim easter egg in Doom 4/Doom 2016, right?

    Well, I've been thinking for some time of the possibility that the "Hell" seen in the Doom series is a plane (realm) of Oblivion from The Elder Scrolls, that was connected by accident to our dimension, and that the various demons that Doomguy fights are actually Daedra.

    There are many realms of Oblivion that have been both seen and unseen throughout the TES games. In the fourth game, The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, we've seen at least three realms that could easily be mistakable for the traditional fire-and-brimstone portrayal of Hell: the Deadlands of Mehrunes Dagon, Peryite's Pits, and the realm that Boethia/Boethiah sends the player to for his shrine quest. H…

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