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    Now I'm sure that there are already MILLIONS of these theories that you have all seen. But This here is my view.

    First off I would like to give credit to joewahby on steam for this article, [2016 Mythology Explained thouroughly through Codices] , which I used to help put my theory together.

    Now, WHO is the DOOM Slayer. All we know is he's the silent, pissed protagonist who is shrouded in mystery.  In joewahby's article, he comes to the conclusion that the DOOM Slayer is the "betrayer", the Knight Sentinal who betrayed the others in order to get his son back. In this article, joewahby says that he thinks that the DOOM Slayer is the betrayer, and that he was enraged at the Dark Lord's and desided to fight the demons because of this. He also cl…

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