First of all got to say im new on wikia, and latelly ive been playing doom again and all the amazing mega wads, there is NOTHING like this doom wikia when it comes to important information i love this and i hope people keeps making amazing megawads so doom never becomes abandonware style, which will never be the case but you sure understand my adiction, ok now to the point, Ive been searching for a while sience ive begun playing Alien Vendetta, amazing Mega Wad maybe the best, but ive never been able to find any Lmp. files from it???, just some lazy compet-N broken kinks..., and all option seem to take me on the same place, well im already on level 29 but i tend to like seen how other players did made the levels themselfs, specially on Vendetta, if anyone PLEASE have information obout how to get UV, nigthmare (awsome), speed run, anything PLEASE share, ive already tryed looking at youtube video post on website but i end on the same broken links aghhhhhhh!!, nad obviuslly tryed google and all know Doom portals Thx.


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