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A plea: write an article about Doom for Wolfenstein Wiki

Hello, I am Elecbullet, administrator/bureaucrat/top user of the Wolfenstein Wiki. I'm sure I don't have to tell you that it's another one of Id Software's works, and the first major game in the series, Wolfenstein 3D, was the predecessor to Doom.

Normally I feel bad to beg, but today I plea for a brave user to help make one article on Wolfenstein Wiki- that's it. w:c:wolfenstein:Doom series would be a good location. You don't have to get into any serious detail, rather, you need only make an H2 for each game, provide a brief summary of the plot of each, and (importantly) list any relevance to Wolfenstein. Basically just any Easter eggs, such as the level where SS appear.

I try to be friendly with this wiki: I contribute where I can, I have Doom wiki listed under "Related Sites" in Monobook skin, and I made w:c:wolfenstein:Template:See Doom Wiki to make it easy to link here where necessary. So if any experienced Doomers could help me out in this small way, it would be great- in return, I'll do anything you wish for this wiki.

Thank you very much!

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