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Doom level format


Vertices are nothing more than coordinates on the map. Linedefs and segs reference vertices for their start-point and end-point.

The vertices for a map are stored in the VERTEXES lump, which consists of a raw sequence of x, y coordinates as pairs of 16-bit signed integers. The bytes are in little-endian order (least significant byte first).

Due to the 16-bit signed two's complement format, each coordinate can range from -32768 to +32767.

Vertex structure

Offset Size (bytes) Description
0 2 x position
2 2 y position

Doom 64 EX format

Doom 64 EX stores even 32 bit = 4 byte integers per direction, so each vertex uses 8 bytes. Doom Builder 64 reads them as long integer and divides them by 65536; internally it uses float values.

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