Vile Flesh is a 32-level megawad for Doom 2. It was created by Gwyn Williams and released in 2004. Much of the soundtrack is composed by Robert Prince and from the game Abuse.


  • MAP01: Administration
  • MAP02: Nuke Storage
  • MAP03: Processing
  • MAP04: Mainframe
  • MAP05: Outpost
  • MAP06: Secure Area
  • MAP07: Labs
  • MAP08: Gateway
  • MAP09: Weapons Bay
  • MAP10: Beacon
  • MAP11: War Rooms
  • MAP12: Cliff Face
  • MAP13: Subterrainia
  • MAP14: The Pits
  • MAP15: Village
  • MAP16: Cathedral
  • MAP17: Guard Towers
  • MAP18: Boneyard
  • MAP19: The Pillars
  • MAP20: Demon Seed
  • MAP21: Flesh Mill
  • MAP22: Ungod
  • MAP23: Return Ticket
  • MAP24: City Centre
  • MAP25: UAC Headquarters
  • MAP26: Service Tunnels
  • MAP27: Dimension Shift
  • MAP28: Tower Block
  • MAP29: Earth Siege
  • MAP30: Hell Revealed
  • MAP31: Rough Draft
  • MAP32: Spider Web

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