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The Union Aerospace Tactical Division V-ORT.X Rifle, also known as the Vortex Rifle, is a sniper weapon that fires a burst of energy. It charges the longer the scope is in use, dealing critical damage when fired. A downside of the scope zoom is that a laser sight displays where the player is aiming; this laser sight can be seen by both friendly and enemy players.


The Vortex Rifle can be unlocked in the multiplayer at level 2 (it's also available to use in level 1 by choosing "Sniper" default loadout). The player spawns with 12 ammo (20 is the max ammo). The weapon features two fire modes:

  • Primary Fire - A precision long-range energy weapon with a magnified optic. The weapon does 30 damage.
  • Weapon Mod - Increases magnification and charges to full power output (Hold the Weapon Mod button). When at full power, the weapon does 84 damage.

Tactical analysis

It is a very powerful weapon, and it should be used if the enemy is attacking the player from a far range. Close quarters combat is not advised, and as such, a shotgun should be equipped as a secondary weapon for these encounters.

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