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  1. Sin City
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  3. Null Space
  4. Doom Resurrection
  5. The Darkest Hour
  6. Equinox
  7. Vrack 2b
  8. Phobia
  9. KZDoom7
  10. TVR!
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Vrack 2 screenshot

Vrack2 map

Map view

Vrack 2 is a single level PWAD by Fredrik Johansson for Doom II. It has been released in two versions; initially on March 24, 2001, and in a version "B" on December 14, 2001, with bug fixes and a REJECT map that makes it run slightly faster on low-end computers. Vrack 2 requires a Boom compatible source port.

Vrack 2 is the sequel to Vrack and was followed by Vrack 3. All three are in the same theme: gray-colored tech bases floating in outer space. Vrack 2 initially became somewhat famous for its size, level of detail, and number of monsters (over 700 on Ultra-Violence), and has been used frequently as a benchmark to test the performance of source ports and editors.


Vrack 2 demos from the Doomed Speed Demos Archive:

UV max

UV -fast



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