Walter Connors

Research Technician


Union Aerospace Corporation


Unknown (presumed dead)

Only appearance

Alpha Labs - Sector 2: Union Aerospace Science Division (audio log only)

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Walter I. Connors (Identification Number: 3710-66) was a research technician assigned to Sector 2 of the Alpha Labs on Mars. He worked on the MFS project and was excited about its progression. He was also an avid role-playing gamer.

PDA contents

Audio Logs

The Success with the MFS Compressor

Audio log for Walter Connors.

The MFS Compressor is producing fantastic results. The latest modification I made to the dilation matrix were the real key to the recent breakthrough. All in all, I feel my work on this project has been the catalyst that propelled everything forward. I've also taken a set amount of time each day to make sure that everyone is doing their job and, of course, I check all of their data to ensure that no mistakes are made. This is going to be a huge money-maker for the company and, quite honestly, without my input and hard work, I am not sure that we would've gotten this far. I wanted, also, to thank you for your supervisory role in the project. Working with you is a true honour. Just remember me in the end of the year reports as I'm certain I deserve a promotion.

Walter out.


Collection (10-12-2145)

Note to self:
Need to remember to get my eight-sided die back from Chin. Should never have lent it to him in the first place. He never invited me to play. He is not my friend.

Note to self (10-16-2145)

Note to self:
Need to remember my code for cabinet #039 - 102

MFS Compressor Numbers (11-02-2145)


I wanted to personally thank you for your latest modification proposal for the dilation matrix. The boys here at CPU have crunched your numbers and after some deliberation we've agreed that this is the most fantastically bogus theory that we've ever seen.

If you are remotely interested in not getting your gnome-loving dragon-slaying power-leveling ass fired, I'd suggest you lay off the role-playing and learn some basic math.

Good luck on your next review :)

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