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Well, ZDaemon editing...

Section heading

I have ZDaemon offline, and i use it to test and play many of the wad files, or ALL of the files i get, because of the mouse look up down and things, easier movement, better graphics, and so on...

and zdaemon supports heretic all dooms except of course 3, Hexen strife but configuration needs to be set...

Using zdaemon after making a level with lets say DooMBuilder, you can do most every thing with it, i think even ZDoom vavoom doom doom 2 plutonia tnt etc... anything, unless you configure the settings to where you have those wads...

you can pretty much use the deathmatch starts as extra multiplayer, or COOP starts, which you can also just use them as deathmatch starts to...

you can also set prams when starting zdaemon, unlike doom 2 port now to the main thing, with doom builder playing with zdaemon, you can set it to play with zdaemon to test it or the original doom port, or just use doom port, but when you save your wad file, be sure to do this.

1. if you have doom 95, then while setting up the map, set the last two configs for filing as first, C/DOOM then C/DOOMDATA something like that..... then when making a wad file, if you do, select the unfavored file, and load textures as that, but when saving a wad file save save as and then the name, then go to zdaemon, play the wad file you just saved, and you should be able to play it... that's all i have for now, so.

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