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Industrial Zone is the eleventh zone in Super Sonic Doom.

Act 1 Begins through a teleporter currently teleporting, once done, you are in a small room with a door that has a switch to open it. Outside, there are several kinds of dangers. Like Acid, Lava, Mines e.t.c. Before going to act 2 the player must defeat a giant grey mancubus using his/hers weapons and two turrets with rockets and plasma.  The Music for this Act is "Chemical Plant Zone", Sonic 2.

Act 2 Starts deeper into factory parts. There is alot more dangers now, and so on. The player then faces a sawing machine at the end that shoots plasma and dispenses mines to hit the player. After half of the target has been hit, it starts trying to crush the player. When the machine is destroyed, Damage goes through another teleporter that requires to take off his equipment AGAIN.  The Music for this Act is the [Genesis Version] of "Scrap Brain Zone", Sonic 1.

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