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Sky City Zone is the twelth zone of Super Sonic Doom.

Act 1 Begins in the sky on an airship, with lots of buildings and shacks.  You will Encounter Gluttony, and he will make the Boss fight A Challenge for you, he will Appear A Cyberdemon in the Platform Arena.  The Music for this Act is "Sky Chase Zone", Sonic 2.

Act 2 Starts on a big floating platform. There is a door to be opened to advance to the next part.

Eventually one of the seven sinners, gluttony, appears and blows up a bridge connecting the sides and then summons a spidermastermind for the player to face. There is several metal platforms that the player must ross to get to the other side. In a huge storage area, the player faces gluttony who shoots ghost and tornadoes similiar to heretic's iron lich's tornadoes with the same effect. after killing gluttony, several stealth hell knights appear to harass the player. after that the player goes to a floating airsship to destroy it. they must jump on floating platforms and hit 8 switches to reveal the targets on the ship to shoot it, while dodging fireballs along the way. The ship then takes off and the player must get on a bigger grey building that resembles an airship and takes off into space.  The Music for this Act is "Sky Sanctuary Zone", Sonic 3 & Knuckles.

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