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Ocean City Zone is the seventh zone in Super Sonic Doom.

Act 1 Begins in a small room with an opening on the floor with water, it leads into a bigger room underwater. There are lots of other small rooms to swim up to also.  There is A Doom World Game Television Station.  "Lut"  is the Host, and he wants you to be the Player to use the Ban-O-Meter to Send the new Doom Lamers back where they came from.  Then when you come back from the Room to the Next Building where you got the Red Key, they will warn you about A Warship that will Firebomb the City.  The Boss is where Sloth, one of the Sinners will Appear A Cyberdemon in the Arena.  After Damage defeats him, he will Take Cover inside A little Building to be safe from the Warship Firebombing.  The Music for this Act is "Death Egg Zone" from Sonic 3 & Knuckles.  |Note: Judging by this Soundtrack, it could be Act 1.|

Act 2 Starts outside in a more city like area with lots of canals filled with water and passageways. The player battles the 3rd Deadly Sinner, Sloth, in a building. The floor ends up collapsing upon Sloth's demise.  The Boss is the Warship itself.  The Ground will Explode with the Ship hidden then takes off, with A Platform Damage will fight the Ship shooting at him, rising Next to A Building.  The Music for this Act is A Remix of "Ice Cap Zone"/Alternate Version Only, Sonic 3 & Knuckles.

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