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Crystal Palace Zone is the eighth zone in Super Sonic Doom.

Act 1 Begins on a rising platform, after a few seconds, you will then have to jump onto the ledge where there is a door leading into the palace. Inside, there are alot of enemies and crystals of many colors, and there are crystal floors, they are very slippery!  The 4th Deadly Sinner, Greed, will Summon the Boss fight.  First you Encounter with him in the Arena that is Similar to A Hockey Arena, then he will make the Challenge with Hell Knights [the Green Team] fight you.  Then if you Win,  he will make the Revenants [the Red Team] fight you.  If you Win, you get 2 Points, and Greed will get 0.  Before you go to the Next Act, you need to grab the Red Key.  The Music for this Act is "Diamond Dust Zone Act 1", Sonic 3D Blast/Genesis Version.

Act 2 Starts deeper into the palace with lots of hallways, doors, pathways e.t.c. which makes it very confusing and hard. The 4th Deadly Sinner, Greed, fights Damage here, but fails to stop him and gets killed.  The Boss is A Crushing Pillar that Crushes the Ice Floor then Plasters the Room with Icicles.  After the Boss is Defeated, Damage will have the First Encounter with Firestarter himself after he got the Extra Life.  Like Twice with Knuckles from Sonic 3 & Knuckles, he will Explode the Ground to Zone 9: Nautical Mines Zone.  The Music for this Act is "Diamond Dust Zone Act 2", Sonic 3D Blast/Genesis Version.

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