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Zone 9: Nautical Mines Zone is the ninth zone in Super Sonic Doom.

Act 1 Begins with the player falling and hitting platforms on the way down. The player then lands on a conveyor belt and at the end, and is pushed in shallow water. The player confirms that he has lost all weaponry and is badly damaged and needs to be very careful until he can get healed. The mines are dark, but there are some light switches for turning on the lights, which eventually go out again.  The Bosses are A Pair of Enhanced Cacodemons you fight Underwater.  The Music for this Act is "Hydrocity Zone Act 1", Sonic 3 & Knuckles.

Act 2 Starts in more darker parts of the mines. You will eventually encounter one of the 7 Deadly Sinners, who will raise the water level all the way, so you are completely underwater.  The Boss is A Ceiling Turret Quaking the Zone and Raising the Water Level trying to drowned you.  The Music for this Act is "Hydrocity Zone Act 2", Sonic 3 & Knuckles.

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